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Zuytdorp Cliffs



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DESCRIPTION:The Zuytdorp Cliffs are on the west coast of Western Australia. This image is the natural complement to the "Kalbarri Cliffs". Both demonstrate Jack's love of the power and beauty of cliffs. The color scheme is simple, but it brings out the powerful contrasts of the cliffs and sea. The Zuytdorp Cliffs are named after a 17th Century Dutch ship, which perished just off these cliffs. It is now known from archaeological work that a party of Dutch survivors existed for some time on top of the cliffs. It is even possible that they intermarried with the local aborigines and have descendents today.

JACK'S DESCRIPTION: Wind, waves, sand, stone, and cliffs have a stoic air about them. I am often reminded of fortress walls keeping a hostile foe at bay. Cliffs stand defiant against an angry sea trying to attack the land and wash it away. The cliffs continued existence is a kind of triumph.

The signs of the eternal struggle can be clearly seen in the rugged rock shapes of the cliff face. Bit by bit the waves crash against rocks and slowly grind them away. I admire the ceaseless energy of wind, water and waves over time, as they work against the land. And I also admire the defiant resilience of stone and sand in their stoic defence of the shoreline.

Struggle is the Eternal Natural Order’s method of creating strength and beauty in plants, animals and in the land itself. There is an inspiring majesty in a tenacious struggle and there is a breathtaking beauty after a struggle in the calm of reflection under a clear blue sky on a calm balmy warm day.

This rugged beauty of the cliffs was produced by wind, waves, water, stone and time.