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Tasgers at Cradle Mountain



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DESCRIPTION: Tasmanian Tigers (tasgers) are officially extinct, but many people claimed to have seen them. This image boldly argues for their continuing existence. In this image Jack has married two icons of Tasmania; Cradle Mountain and the Tasger. This image is extremely well balanced and it carries a very strong life enhancing message. There is a Tasger family and an azure blue sky, above the snow-capped Cradle Peak. The two signature birds are also present. This tree is well known to those who have walked around Dove Lake. The Tasgers in the image were inspired by the fact that a tourist saw one, shortly before Jack visited the site. Tasmania is the island state south of Australia. Cradle Mountain is a World Heritage park in central Tasmania.

JACK'S DESCRIPTION: Spring, new growth is triumphing over the winter struggle. Life giving warmth returns. Maybe we will see the return of our unique tasgers to add to the long lost glory of the spectacle of retreating snow on Cradle Mountain.

It was while I was walking around that lake one day in spring, so long ago. You could wander around there totally alone and thus feel the majesty of Nature’s Eternal Order. The subtle theme, yet triumph power of the final’s of Beethoven’s 6th Symphony seemed to float around the lake, mountain and trees. I could feel the free movement of the birds in the air and the beasts on the ground and the spirits of the tasgers or were they just spirits?

Did I sense the real presence of living animals not just waiting for spring, but waiting for the enlightened age to reveal their crowning glory? As spring reveals the glory of life that has triumphed over the struggle of winter, maybe the Age of Aquarius will reveal the high points of life’s struggle and beauty that somehow survived this dark and ignorant Piscean Age.