Jacks Pencil Palette



South Island Lake



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DESCRIPTION: This image has a air of placid beauty about it and it is well balanced. There is great variety in the textures and many lighter tones were used to construct it. These emphasise the theme that this place has a lot of life. Again the two bird, life signature is in the top right. Critically, this image appears to be a warmer and happier place than that seen in "Lapland" or "Glacier Bay". It could be exhibited as a contrasting or complementing piece to "Fjordland". The exact location is unknown, but it is probably in the Fjordland province of New Zealand.

JACK'S DESCRIPTION: There was a scene that I once saw that expressed so effectively the timeless power of a simple, pure beauty in various forms. A lovely, fair skinned, Irish  woman softly strummed the first clear notes of “Danny Boy” on a Celtic harp. Like the first faint notes on a magpie’s happy song of joy to the dawn warbling through the mist of a cold morning in the Mallee. The Celtic harp’s simple soft melody drifted aloft and connected with the innermost soul of everyone in the audience.

That clear delicately defined melody was also a musical mirror to the fair soft feminine curves of the regal young lady’s perfectly proportioned arms that flowed from her proud shoulders to her elegant hands and sensitive fingertips in strumming contact with the harp strings. And the melody flowed forth like the radiance that shone from the lightness in her eyes; from her feminine mystique.

Such were my feelings when gazing at that New Zealand lake scene. Once again simple beauty mirrored simple beauty. The stunning beauty of the snow-capped mountains was reflected in the placid, calm beauty of the lake. Clouds drifted across the cold blue sky and gentle waves placidly drifted onto the sandy shore. Like the light that shines from a fair maiden’s eyes, that whole scene flowed forth from the Eternal Natural Order.