Reeds in Swedish LakeThe News Page will tell you what artworks Jack is currently working on, plus any other news of interest. In March 2011 Jack was working on a new version of "Reeds". This is being done on commission and when it is finished, print copies will be available. This is the third time that "Reeds" has been requested. Jack is concurrently working on another version of "Menindie".

To help you to appreciate the art you are viewing, Jack recommends that you consider the following:

"Life is all INCLUSION and CONFUSION, while ART is all DISCRIMINATION and SELECTION", Henry James.

"ART lies hidden in the block of stone", Michelangelo.

"The task that I am trying to achieve is to make you SEE", DW Griffith.

"ART is emotion cultivating good form leading to HARMONY", Herbert Read.

"ART is the IMPOSTION of ORDER onto CHAOS", Aldous Huxley.

"ART is the quest for TRUTH", Keats.

"ART is an intensified form of EXPERIENCE', Joyce Carey.

"ART is the supreme form of COMMUNICATION", I.A. Richards.

"ART is the PROCESS by which the artist makes use of his EXPERIENCES and INTUITION to SELECT and ARRANGE to create BEAUTIFUL objects, which IMMITATE REALITY to COMMUNICATE to the AUDIENCE", Unknown.