Jacks Pencil Palette



Sunset over the Mulga



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DESCRIPTION: "Mulga Sunset" shows very strong use of blacks to bind the image at the top and bottom. It also shows clever use of eucalyptus trees to contrast the setting sun in silhouette. The sky is almost a sub-composition as it shows strong, yellows, oranges and violent. This image is quite a contrast to Jack's other sunsets. The Mulga is the semi desert country of north western Victoria and south eastern South Australia. As Jack says, he was often in this area in his youth.

JACK'S DESCRIPTION: Back in the good old days, when men were men and women were women, which is not a bad arrangement, when you think about it, I often hitched hiked around Australia as a young lad. Seasonal work in the country often paid the bills for students then.

After returning from the Vietnam War and being freed from the constraints of Army life, after my discharge, I again wandered far and wide around our vast land, this time by driving around. Of course, being alive and fit in my homeland again, after the real physical dangers of fighting in mortal combat in a combat unit, caused me to appreciate the majesty and beauty of Australia that much more.

Many times I have camped on alone on the wide open plains, where trees are few and the view is vast. Just being there in the stillness of dusk, while the billy boils over the crackling camp fire seems to be a gift from the Eternal Natural Order to the bold, who do not need the shallow security of the noisy city.