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Lake Menindee



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DESCRIPTION: In this image you can see the same theme of struggle to that seen in "Lake Gregory". However, this time the struggle seems to be leaning more towards death than life. However, there is life here, as we again see two pelicans in the top right, but this time there is no blue sky. The dead trees element further carries this theme of harshness. The harshness is also carried in the large reflection of the sun in the shallow lake waters. Again Jack has brilliantly captured the enchanting colors and atmosphere of this unique place. This image contrasts well in theme with "Murray Dawn" or it could complement "Lake Gregory".

JACK'S DESCRIPTION: Lake Menindee is actually the water supply for Broken Hill. It is one of those great Australian achievements in the face of extreme adversity.

From time to time I have driven into Broken Hill or gotten there on the train. The sheer harshness of the area always hits home and yet home is exactly what those hardy, resourceful people there have actually made it. These true Aussie battlers are indeed those of great hearts in the heart of Australia. They are the backbone of Australia; they defy the odds against them with a sardonic humour, as they struggle in hard toil against extreme adversity.

In all arid lands the getting of water is the first problem that must be solved and constructing the artificial lake of Menindee, finally gave Broken Hill a reliable water supply. But then the Lake itself has its own charm. There is a haunting beauty in the drowned trees at sunset. The sight of it is inspiring. I sensed a monument of haunting beauty to the great Aussie virtues of self-reliance, help your mate and never give at that lake at sunset that day.