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Great Barrier Reef at Double Island



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DESCRIPTION: This image almost forms a trio with the images "Sunset on the Indian Ocean near Perth" and "Sunset at Portland". All show strong use of red in the sea and sky divided by a yellow sunset. In all cases the balance of sea, sky and sand elements is superb. The Great Barrier Reef is a World's Heritage area off the east coast of Queensland.

JACK'S DESCRIPTION: The first time I saw Serenity: it sort of caught me off guard. It happened when I was wandering around the islands of the Great Barrier Reef, those enchanted islands in the sun. The waves inside the Reef were mostly gentle, for the heaving ocean swell stops at the Reef.

The warm glow of the tropics adds a benign karma to everyone. It feels so good to be alive, under the gentle rustle of palms and you can listen to the lapping of the swell waves onto the powdery sand.

There comes a point where you gaze out towards where the sun has set, when you notice the changing colors of clouds blending and contrasting and playing upon the water. You catch your breath as you realize that this place is so beautiful, serenity blesses everything around you. You are so glad simply to be alive to soak up the warmth, beauty, serenity and the sublime glory of our own Great Barrier Reef.

Many lands I have wondered around and many of those have a charm and a beauty of their own, but the calm warm sunset over our own Australian Great Barrier Reef is way beyond all of them. It is like the moon amongst the stars.