Jacks Pencil Palette



Jack with KangarooI would be most happy to sell you prints and my original artworks. I will also happily negotiate a price with you, if you wish for me to do a rendering of a favorite scene of your choice or redo one of my prints in its original form. Just follow the following steps.


Type my address and tell me the following details:

I will then tell you how to deposit the money to my BSB & Account Number. In the DESCRIPTION BOX of my account just type your name e.g. Donald Duck, so that I can identify the buyer and match it to your email. I will then send you a copy of this print in a protected postal roll. If for some strange reason I can't send you a copy, I will contact you and refund your money. I am known to be a man of my word.


Send me an email with the following details:

Do not send any money! Wait for my reply, as this original artwork may no longer be available! If you require an original of your own choice, contact me with the above details and wait for my reply. Please remember that NEW ORIGINALS take months to do. I will give you some idea of the time required, when I negotiate with you by email.

Jack Van Tongeren