Jacks Pencil Palette



Albatrosses in synchronised flight over the Indian Ocean at sunset



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DESCRIPTION: This image demonstrates Jack's great love of sunsets and birds in flight. It is complementary to Jack's other bird images; "Geese over Kakadu", "Hawke over Albany" and "Pelicans over Esperance". In this composition Jack captures both the majesty of the birds in their synchronised flight, plus that magical moment when the sea turns orange. Bass Strait is the sea that separates southern Australia from the island state of Tasmania.

JACK'S DESCRIPTION: The first time I saw an albatross, a large one, was from the rear deck of the car ferry crossing Bass Strait. In common with so many others on that rear deck, my gaze was drawn to it. It was a real point of perfection of animal life. The higher consciousness of human instinct responded to it like moths flying towards the light.
That solitary bird was a picture of poetry in motion. Its perfection was its reason to be. It gracefully glided from side to side in a huge figure of eight motion, as it followed the wake of the ship. It glided aloof, alone, supreme and independent, a living picture of strength and beauty. It was a quiet glimpse of glory.